Why is Email Warmup Important ?

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Email warmup (also referred to as IP warming) involves first sending low email volumes from a new account and gradually increasing the volume over time.

It assists in expanding the credibility, acknowledgment, and delivery rate of an email account for greater outreach. If you have been wondering why you need an email warmup, this article will explain more. Keep reading.

Reasons for Email Warmup 

Here’s why email warmup is vital.

Prevents the spam folders

Envision sending a cold email campaign with splendid copy to generate positive reactions. You are surprised that your reply rates are below the ideal. Your cold email messages almost certainly arrived in your prospects’ spam folders rather than the primary inbox. Spammers are monitoring for dubious email activity. Assuming they recognize an unexpected influx of emails from a new (or dormant) email account, they instantly mark that source as spam.

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This is where email warmup becomes useful. Email warmup is the entryway to bypass all spam traps and branches in your prospects’ inboxes. This subsequently boosts your sender’s reputation. Accordingly, your email messages are bound to land where they ought to, in the inbox.

Email warmup helps scale your outreach quicker

Although it could appear tedious, email warmup cuts down the time it takes to develop your reputation. Warming up email accounts manually will take 2 or more weeks. You can then begin sending cold email messages. Soon, you will gradually expand the quantity of messages every few days.

Provides A/B testing

One imperative aspect of warming up your email accounts is that it allows for A/B testing. When you are planning your cold email campaign, you do not need to shoot in the dark. Warm-up messages allow you to test your email copies and different elements. Begin by sending a small cluster of messages to your most engaged subscribers or within your team.

This is your opportunity to screen the engagement. Along these lines, slowly increase the volume and frequency of messages over a few weeks. It permits you to investigate various ways of creating effective content, subject lines, and send times to figure out what works best with your audience.  What’s more, when you launch an undeniable cold email campaign, you will already have the experience and data to create your messages. This will boost your cold email success rate.

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Enhanced sending limits

The email warm-up process will help you increase your daily sending limits. You’ll need this for your email account. All email service providers provide a specific limit to the number of email messages that can be sent from the account daily. However, this limit isn’t accessible for new accounts immediately.


Email warmup is the most effective way to augment the deliverability and commitment of your email marketing efforts. By slowly establishing your sender reputation, observing engagement metrics, and carrying out prescribed practices, you can greatly improve the progress of your email campaigns. Visit lemcal to learn more about email warm and the required tools.