Why do you need a proxy server?

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Many tasks are assigned to the strength of a Proxies kaufen. Now let’s discuss each in detail.

Filtering Available Resources

A common usage scenario in public networks. With the help of such a server, you can monitor traffic and, if necessary, “filter” it. It’s like parental control. Only the scale is different. Such a proxy can easily be set up in a large company so that employees do not go to Twitter while they are doing business. Therefore, when entering the social network, a warning may pop up asking you to do work. Or, instead, the boss will simply record the entire time spent on Facebook, and then deduct it from the salary. With children, the situation is about the same. You can restrict their freedom online while doing homework, for example.

Speeding up the Internet

Proxy servers can store cached copies of websites. That is, when you enter a certain site, you will receive data from the proxy. With a high degree of probability, they will be loaded much faster through a proxy. This is because the traffic on the popular site you want to visit will suffer less if a large number of people access it through a gateway in the form of a proxy server.

Data compression

It’s also a very practical scenario. It helps to significantly reduce the amount of traffic spent. Some proxies have tools installed that compress all requested content before redirecting it to the end user. According to this principle, the “Turbo mode” works in many browsers. Compression takes place on the proxy server, only it downloads the full version of the media content and takes over the entire load. And the client is already downloading the same data, only in a lightweight form. Therefore, people with limited traffic benefit from this.