Subtleties of Marking

Subtleties of Marking
Image by Tiger Lily from Pexels

The marking code is a unique sequence of characters that is applied to the packaging in the form of a code. This is necessary to track the path of the product from the manufacturer to the buyer. According to information from if the product is subject to mandatory labeling, and it does not turn out to have one, it is considered counterfeit.

The marking code is individual for each product and consists of several parts. One of the important parts is represented by GTIN. These are the identification code, serial number and application identifiers.

GTIN is a 12-digit number from the marking code, which is stored in the GS1 international database and describes several product parameters at once (color, country of origin, name, etc.).

Digital labeling allows businesses to raise productivity, improve logistics schemes, increase market share and ultimately increase revenue:

  • By reducing the share of contraband and counterfeit, legal producers increase the share and production volumes by 5-50%, depending on the product group.
  • Business is able to transfer production to the work on the Just-in-Time principle.
  • There is connection to an electronic document management operator.
  • Business can significantly save on logistics.
  • Business sets up accounting and puts things in order.
  • The volume of paper documents is radically reduced, which means business costs are reduced and labor productivity increases.

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