SQL port 1433 not Listening

SQL port 1433 not Listening
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I newly installed SQL Server 2012. No database created yet. And I can open the Management Studio with sa/password. The Binn\sqlservr.exe is started as a service and I can see it started in the service list. However, it didn’t listening the 1433 port, or even, not listening any port by default, as I checked as below:

tasklist|find /I “sql”

I got:

sqlservr.exe 5668 Services 0 40, 112 K

in which 5668 I think is the PID. And then to get PID = “5668” is listening to which port:

netstat -ano | find /I “5668”

but I got nothing except blank. On the other hand, after searching posts in this site, I double-checked my SQL Server’s configuration: start->All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2012 -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager-> SQL Server SQL Native Client 11.0 Configuration -> Client Protocols -> TCP/IP ->Default Port 1433. There’re 3 services, SQL Server(MyInstanceName), SQL Server Agent(MyInstanceName) and SQL Server Browser. The last two is stopped.

SQL Server Configuration Manager-> SQL Server Network Configuration->Protocols for MyInstanceName -> TCP/IP is disabled by default, after I enabled it and restart the service and repeat the netstat -ano | find /I “newPIDNum” command I found the

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