Sound Sleep Machine Can Help You After Long Stay in Front of the Computer Monitor

Long Stay in Front of the Computer Monitor Affects Your Sleep
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Is there a connection between a computer and a sound sleep machine? Yes, we turn one off, turn on the other, and we are provided with healthy sleep.

Impaired production of melatonin

Each person has their own sleep schedule, and under normal conditions, two hours before the usual bedtime, the body begins to produce the sleep hormone melatonin. It is responsible for the transition of a person from wakefulness to sleep, affects the pulse, pressure and other indicators of the body. But the main condition for its development is darkness. The lighter it is around, the less sleep hormone the human body receives, and the most damaging for it is the radiation in the blue part of the spectrum from artificial lighting – a computer monitor.

Impaired production of melatonin
Photo by Claudia Mañas on Unsplash

If you constantly use gadgets right before going to bed, then you risk completely disrupting your biorhythms (sound sleep machine the only one gadget you can use). A good sleep in such conditions is definitely not worth waiting for.

What is to be done?

Many experts recommend observing sleep hygiene: exclude the use of gadgets at least an hour, and preferably a couple of hours before going to bed, tightly curtain windows, get rid of all kinds of LED indicators of household appliances and gadgets. In general, to give the body exactly what it needs at night – complete darkness.

You can use a sound sleep machine
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You can use a sound sleep machine. It helps to fall asleep easier and sleep soundly, without waking up with light rustles and movement. Absolutely safe for health and easy to use, this machine will help you have a good night’s rest, gain strength and renew your nervous system, which we miss when sleeping after a long stay in front of the monitor in the evening.

In general, it is best to give up all gadgets a couple of hours before bedtime.