Remote Desktop VPN Windows 7

Remote Desktop VPN Windows 7
Image by Stefan Coders from Pixabay

VPN software creates a secure, encrypted connection between your home computer and the Concordia College network. In order to access any resources on the College network (except webmail), you will need to connect through the VPN connection. The instructions for installing the VPN client can be found from the following link:

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
*Note that in order to access the VPN client software you must be off campus

Remote Desktop

To remote control your Concordia College computer you will need to configure some options on your work computer to enable this feature.

If your work computer is running Windows 7:

  1. Click Start Menu->Control Panel->System->Remote Settings
  2. Under Remote Desktop, check ‘Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)’
  3. Click apply

In order to then use remote desktop from your home computer, you will need to navigate to Start Menu->Programs->Accessories->Remote Desktop Connection.

If using your computer name does not work, also have your work computer’s IP address handy. To get the IP address from your work computer, click on Start -> Run and type cmd. From the command prompt type ipconfig and jot down the IP address.

If you will rely on Remote Desktop connectivity to perform regular job functions, make sure to test the connection at least once before leaving campus for an extended period. If you have problems please contact the Solution Center at x3375.