Remote Connect to PC

Remote Connect to PC
Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Remote PC Access allows an end user to log on remotely from virtually anywhere to the physical Windows PC in the office. The Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) is installed on the office PC; it registers with the Delivery Controller and manages the HDX connection between the PC and the end user client devices. Remote PC Access supports a self-service model; after you set up the whitelist of machines that users are permitted to access, those users can join their office PCs to a Site themselves, without administrator intervention. The Citrix Receiver running on their client device enables access to the applications and data on the office PC from the Remote PC Access desktop session.

A user can have multiple desktops, including more than one physical PC or a combination of physical PCs and virtual desktops.

Note: Sleep mode & Hibernation mode for Remote PC is not supported. Remote PC Access is valid only for XenDesktop licenses; sessions consume licenses in the same way as other XenDesktop sessions.

Active Directory considerations:

  • Before configuring the remote PC deployment site, set up your Organizational Units (OUs) and security groups and then create user accounts. Use these accounts to specify users for the Delivery Groups you will use to provide Remote PC Access.
  • If you modify Active Directory after a machine has been added to a machine catalog, Remote PC Access does not reevaluate that assignment. You can manually reassign a machine to a different catalog, if needed.
  • If you move or delete OUs, those used for Remote PC Access can become out of date. VDAs might no longer be associated with the most appropriate (or any) machine catalog or Delivery Group.

Machine catalog and Delivery Group considerations: