Office Cleaning Rules

Office Cleaning Rules
Image by Alterio Felines from Pixabay

Cleanliness in the office means comfortable working conditions for you and your employees and positive impressions of visitors about your company. Keeping the office clean is not easy; Office cleaning company in London knows the nuances.

Regardless of the frequency of cleaning and the type of premises, the work is carried out according to the general plan:

  1. Prepare all necessary equipment, tools, equipment.
  2. Take care of plants (if the duties of the cleaner include this).
  3. Clean the furniture, window sills, shelves, office equipment and other surfaces. Start with a dry wipe to remove dust and small debris. Then wash the surfaces with a damp cloth.
  4. Wash, disinfect, polish surfaces that require such treatment.
  5. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and floor.
  6. Wash the floor.

Observe the following rules during the work:

  • Clean the surfaces, moving from top to bottom. First clean the upper shelves of cabinets, then tables, then floors.
  • Cleaning the floors, move from the far corners to the exit from the room.
  • Wiping furniture, appliances, doors, clean not only horizontal surfaces, but also vertical ones.
  • Clean employees’ workplaces only having their consent. Papers, things, monitors, computer mice should remain on their places.
  • Do not do the following: wipe office equipment with wet cloth, rub furniture with abrasives, wash painted walls.
  • Pay attention to small elements of the office automation equipment: clean computer wires, filters, routers from dust. This should be done so as not to disconnect them from sockets and system blocks

These useful rules will help you organize office cleaning on your own or evaluate the quality of a cleaning company work.