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IBM Sterling Order Management software is designed to coordinate and adjust the entire order fulfillment network. The solution allows you to deploy an omnichannel order execution environment based on a single platform that combines the functions of aggregating orders through various channels, visual representation of inventory and delivery, and ensuring the availability of services.

IBM Sterling OMS Training will allow you to use the following features implemented through the program:

  • Setting up monitoring and alerts;
  • Real-time decision making;
  • Execution of orders using an intelligent system;
  • Logistics of returns for inventory tracking.

After completing IBM Sterling OMS Corporate Training, your employees will master and effectively use the following omnichannel tools:

  • A single platform for processing all types of interactions: audio, video, IP telephony, e-mail, web chats, SMS, etc.;
  • Integration of modules with corporate systems and with each other;
  • Multi-channel service that allows achieving results related to the level of service;
  • General information about the user, his requests and interaction history (CRM);
  • Intelligent speech and text analytics modules route calls to the right specialists (IVR);
  • General statistics on the loading of contact center specialists in real time.
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Omnichannel service

With omnichannel customer service, customer information is collected and stored in order to make the service approach more personalized:

  1. The product or service a client needs is accessible from any device or platform.
  2. The system sorts the options of the voice menu depending on what the client is interested in.

For example, a person who regularly calls to pay for his cable TV should not wait for the number 6 in the voice menu. The system should automatically change the order of the proposed options based on information about previous customer requests. All additional data that the client has ever entered must be filled in automatically. After that, the system should redirect the client to a contact center employee to best solve the client’s problem.