Improving office efficiency by improving communication

Improving office efficiency by improving communication
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The difficult situation in the world, which affected the work in the office, the complexity of communications and the process of collective decision-making. This situation forced people to switch to remote work.

All this has affected the current situation, when people have returned to the office, but the benefits of remote technologies have remained. Technology improves the communication process in the office, and it’s hard to argue with this.

If you follow the following tips, you will increase the efficiency of work in the office.

Invest in conference room occupancy planning software that gives an idea of how conference rooms are used

Invest in conference room
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Currently, there are such programs that allow you to optimize the use of space in the office. For example, on the you can get acquainted with the advantages of these programs.

The use of all rooms can be made convenient and efficient if you provide all employees with a schedule. Each employee has this program on their computer, where they can choose a suitable room for a meeting, book it for a certain time and adjust it to their conditions. Each room will also have an inscription whether the room is available for booking or not.

Come up with the rules for booking the company’s conference room

rules for booking the company
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Even if you are not ready to switch to such security programs, you need to build a policy of booking.

This is necessary so that conflict situations do not occur when the need for a particular conference room intersects. Each room should have a schedule, and it is necessary to book time in it.

Invest in conference room technology that your employees really need, not just what the search results say

There is no point in using technologies for which there is no demand from employees. The key resource in the office is the employee, therefore, it is necessary to take into account his opinion when investing in equipment. Conduct a survey to find out exactly what technologies employees lack to optimize their work activities.

Choose a standard for technology in each conference room

All conference rooms must be equipped according to the software standard accepted by the company. This will increase efficiency in the office, avoid confusion and waste of time searching for the necessary equipment that is in another conference room. In connection with remote work, it is necessary to equip each room with equipment for remote work.

Make sure that the process of connecting personal devices is simple and fast

connecting personal devices
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All devices used must work properly. All employees should have access to all the technologies used. There is a loss of time when someone cannot find the right cable or password from the Wi-Fi network.