How to Remote into my home computer?

How to Remote into my home computer
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If you want to connect to your home computer when away from home, via an outside network or via 3G connection from your tablet/phone, you will need the following setup: (Requires some technical know-how…)

  1. Allow Splashtop Remote as a trusted application program to your third-party firewall software application:If you have other third-party anti-virus/firewall software applications (e.g., ESET NOD, McAfee, Norton, ZoneAlarm, etc…) installed in your computer, please configure to add Splashtop Remote into the allowed program list (or, depending on your third-party firewall software application, you may need to open three TCP ports. The default TCP ports are: 6783, 6784 and 6785).NOTE: Firewall settings may differ depending on the firewall software you use and we can only provide guides to some of them but are unable to provide a detailed guide for all.
  2. Set up your home wireless router for port forwarding. Please reference the following step-by-step tutorial guide:Mac lover: Setup Apple Extreme for port forwarding.
    Windows lover or non-Apple wireless router: Setup Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router for port forwarding.
  3. On your tablet/phone, create a computer profile for your home computer: How do I add or specify a computer I want to connect to?NOTE: For the IP address, you need to specify the external IP address you recorded from Step 2 or the DynDNS if you have it set up.

After you have gone through all the above-mentioned steps and their tutorial guides, you should be able to connect your tablet/phone to your home computer from outside via either remote networks or 3G.

Good news: PortForward has created a tutorial section for setting up port forwarding for Splashtop Remote on many routers. If you need assistance in Step 2, please check it out here: free help guide for Splashtop Remote. (Clicking the link near the top right corner can skip that ad.)