How to protect email from hacking?

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Have you thought about whether your email box is securely protected and what precautions you take to ensure that it remains only yours if you don’t want to ask professionals from for help? The question arises: who might need access to my e-mail box and what is so valuable in it?

Why is email hacked?

The ultimate goal of any illegal action in the field of IT technologies is to obtain financial benefits. And mail is a good tool in this matter. A few reasons to hack your mail:

Access to other services

After gaining access to your mail, the attacker first looks at its contents. As a rule, it may contain information about access to other services. For example, when creating an account on a social network, a letter with a login-password from a new account comes to the mail. Remember how many of your Internet accounts are tied to your mail: Online shopping sites, message boards, social networks, banks, government sites, gaming, forums, etc. If there are no passwords for these services in the box, the attacker can request their recovery by e-mail. Agree, the damage from such actions can be very serious.

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The advertisement is engine of the trade. But very often advertising agents resort to dirty schemes and do not disdain to use someone else’s mailbox to send spam messages. And on your behalf, letters about cool copy phones, branded watches, super sites, win-win casinos and other rubbish will fly throughout your address book.

How to protect your email?

It is offered to use a few simple rules to protect your email and be sure that nobody will use it.

Choose security password

Don’t use your birthday, name, or simple combinations as your password. You should find helpful information about how to come up with a strong password and how to change it.

Use different passwords for different services

Otherwise, you risk being hacked in several services at once. We understand that remembering many passwords is not very convenient, but using one everywhere is very risky.

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Come up with a custom security question and answer

If you use secret words during registration, we recommend that you also pay special attention to this and use your imagination. Do not include the mother’s last name, the dog’s name, and other information that can be found on social media pages and networks.