How To Make Cool Visual Content Without Design Experience

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For many, the word “Adobe” evokes associations with some complex and very expensive programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro…

Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that there is a free and nice Adobe Express service. Adobe Express is an online tool for creating and editing visual content by users with no design experience. By default, the platform offers templates for posters, web pages, article layouts, videos and other materials. You can use it to create images and posts for social networks, as well as simple and pleasant-looking media publications (web pages, long-reads) and slide shows. You can learn all these tricks on Adobe Express Design tutorials.

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What benefits do you get?

Adobe Express has proven to be a powerful and functional tool available to users of all skill levels. And now Adobe has released a new public beta version that significantly expands the capabilities of Express and offers collaboration tools.

The total number of resources available in Adobe Express is nearly 200 million, including design and video templates, Adobe Stock images, video and audio content, fonts, icons, backgrounds, shapes, and more.

The new all-in-one editor also supports editing PDF files. It features advanced artificial intelligence tools to help authors quickly find resources for their projects. Users can add new animations to text, photos, and other resources, creating more dynamic content. With Animate from Audio, powered by Adobe Character Animator, users can create characters and sync their lips and gestures to recorded dialogue.

Additional improvements include new quick actions such as “remove background” and integration with Experience Manager Assets. There are also new animation types such as Fade In, Pop, Flicker and Bungee, which add dynamics to text, photos, videos and other elements

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The new version of Adobe Express is available for free testing as a public beta on desktops, with the full version eventually becoming available for mobile devices.

If you still can’t figure it out on your own, remember that there are Adobe Express Design lessons where they will tell and show you everything.