How to Access Remote Desktop Windows 7?

How to Access Remote Desktop Windows 7
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Remote Desktop Connection is a Windows 7 feature that allows you to access the files and programs on one computer through another computer. This is useful for Windows users with more than one computer. If you have a work laptop and personal computer, you can access your work laptop at home through Remote Desktop. To do so, you must enable Remote Desktop on one laptop and connect to it through the other.

Setup Remote Desktop

Click “Start” to open the Start menu on the laptop you want to allow for “Remote Desktop.” Highlight “Computer” in the Start menu. Press the right mouse or touchpad button. Click “Properties” in the drop down menu. Click “Remote settings” in the left-hand menu.

Enter the administrator’s password if prompted and click “OK.” Select whether to allow connections from any computer using Remote Desktop or only those running Network Level Authentication. Click “Select Users.”

Click “Add.” Enter the name of the user you want to give access to your laptop. Click “OK.” Click “OK” again to save all the changes.

Start Using Remote Desktop

Click the Start button to open the Start menu on the laptop you want to access the other computer from.

Click “All Programs” in the Start menu. Click “Accessories.”

Enter the name or the IP address of the laptop you want to access in the Computer field. Click “Connect.”


  • check Hibernating laptops will not allow connections through Remote Desktop so consider disabling hibernation or sleep mode if you want to allow a Remote Desktop connection.


  • close You must be connected to a network or Internet connection to use Remote Desktop. While you can initiate a remote connection from any Windows 7 edition, you can only connect to computers using the Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise versions of Windows 7.
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