How to choose a computer specialist

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Problems with the hard drive, the laptop has become too slow to work, you need to install a complex program or set up a home network — all these are tasks for the IT master. Even if you know a little about technology, you will save time if you entrust the repair to a professional. But it’s worth figuring out what to pay attention to when choosing a professional.

  1. Does not solve the problem over the phone. Even if you have described the problem in detail, a good specialist will have several reasons for its appearance and the same number of solutions. Moreover, many masters come to solve the problem promptly, as do.
  2. Values his time and does not offer free diagnostics. A sought-after specialist will not waste time and inspect everyone’s computers for free.
  3. Offers its services at a market price. A very low cost should alert — usually unscrupulous craftsmen try to play on the desire to save money. But as a result, it often turns out that the named cost does not include several obvious and mandatory actions, and the final cost is significantly higher than the one you expected.
  4. Always clarifies the details of the breakdown. If you have contacted the master by phone or via the Internet, he will try to find out as many details as possible about what happened to the computer. This will help him understand the scale of the problem and predict how long it will take to eliminate it.

If the first impression turned out to be positive, go to the next point — ask the computer master all the questions you are interested in.