Change of hosting – an ordinary situation

Change of hosting
Image by WilliamsCreativity from Pixabay

Sometimes a user has to change his hosting to another due to a number of reasons. To prevent this from happening, you need to trust only reliable specialists, for example,

But why do users change hosting anyway? Here are the most common reasons for switching hosting providers:

  • The quality of services is no longer satisfactory (technical support responds for a long time, the site slows down, etc.). This also includes the rapid growth of the company – often a small and therefore valued by customers hoster can solve all problems quickly and flexibly, and not throw a client request between departments on a trifling question “because it’s customary here.”
  • Found a cheaper option. Due to the high cost hosting is almost never changed. As part of the cost of a commercial site, the cost of hosting is a trifle.
  • The third reason is any benefit for the client. For example, with the mass appearance of SSD drives (faster than usual), it was possible to speed up the loading of the site by 2 or more times simply by changing the hosting provider to a more modern one.
  • The company closed. There are hundreds of hosting companies. This is a competitive market and, of course, one hoster, then another, is constantly closed.
  • Great hosting for a business card site can be terrible for an online store.

These are not all the reasons why users change hosting. But the important thing is that by working with real professionals, you will not encounter such problems.