A TV or projector at home?

Photo by Projector1 on Unsplash

Let’s imagine that you are an avid moviegoer, like to watch movies on the big screen and want to have a personal cinema at home. But your rented apartment is very small, besides, you have to move often because of work. In this case, buying a large TV does not make sense, since it is very difficult to transport it, and the image quality of the TV does not always meet your expectations.

Advantages of having a projector at home

A home projector is an ideal option for people who like to watch movies, but due to certain circumstances cannot afford a TV. If you are unable to buy a projector, you can always rent it on the From a practical point of view, projectors allow you to watch movies on a screen twice the size of the largest modern televisions. And you can do it right in your apartment with a minimum of effort. Just a few minutes after installing the projector, you and your friends will be able to enjoy watching movies in a special atmosphere that is completely different from watching on a regular flat-screen TV. You don’t have to give up the pleasure of watching movies on the big screen just because of an active lifestyle. No need to equip a home theater to enjoy movies (and TV) in their original format. With the help of projectors, you can do this in any room, even in a tiny bedroom.