Microsoft desktop

Microsoft SQL Server Ports

By default, Microsoft Windows enables the Windows Firewall, which closes port 1433 to prevent Internet computers from connecting to a default instance of SQL Server on your computer. Connections to the default instance using TCP/IP are not possible unless you reopen port 1433. The basic steps to configure the Windows...
Windows Remote Login

How to access Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop is not enabled by default. You must specifically enable it to allow remote access to the workstation. When it is enabled, any member of the Administrators group can connect to the workstation. Other users must be placed on a remote access list to gain access to the workstation....
Connect Remote SQL Server Database

Connect Remote SQL Server Database

I have setup a SQL Server 2008 Express instance on a dedicated Windows 2008 Server hosted by I cannot connect remotely to the server through management studio. I have taken the following steps below and am beyond any further ideas. I have researched the site and cannot figure anything...
Remote VPN

Remote VPN

Extend your reach. Remote access services can be ideal for extending the reach of your corporate VPN to telecommuters and remote staff in a home or small office setting. Keep data exchange private. Employees receive a consistent VPN access experience from their home office or mobile device, with highly secure...
What is Remote Computing

What is Remote Computing?

The College of Engineering offers multiple solutions to utilize computer resources in or out of the computer labs. See below for both remote Windows and remote Linux options. Windows Remote Computing VDI provides a virtual Windows 10 desktop with the same software that is installed in the computer labs. VDI...
Remote Desktop Setup

How to Login to Linux Server?

Step 2 You will now need to take note of your Serial Console username and password. In order to find this information or to reset the Serial Console password, please reference How do I reset the Serial Console password?Step 3 Double-click the putty.exe file to start the program. For the...
Remote Desktop Connection IP address

Remote Desktop Connection IP address

I have tried to find older topics and tutorials on this without success. This is new to me so hopefully there's something very simple to address the issue. I have 3 computers. 1 x Win 8 Pro and 2 x Win 8 Standard. I know only the Win 8 Pro...
Windows Desktop Connection

RAS Networking

RAS allows remote clients to connect through a telephone line or other wide area network (WAN) link to the RAS server; from there RAS allows those clients to access resources on the network. Remote users can access network resources as though they were logged on to a machine directly connected...
Remote access another computer over the Internet

Remote access another computer over the Internet

This article will be all about using SSH, or Secure SHell. It allows you to execute commands remotely so that another computer performs the actions. As I’m sure you’re thinking right now, SSH has many, many uses. In this article, I’ll be telling you how to connect to another computer...
How to Setup Remote Connection Windows 7

How to Setup Remote Connection Windows 7?

Connecting to a WMI namespace on a remote computer may require that you change the settings for Windows Firewall, User Account Control (UAC), DCOM, or Common Information Model Object Manager (CIMOM). The following sections are discussed in this topic: Windows Firewall Settings WMI settings for Windows Firewall settings enable only...
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