How to change the Remote Desktop Port of your Windows VPS

Windows Remote Desktop Default port

Windows / January 26, 2020

Enable Listening Remote Desktop Port 3389There are many software today such as VNC, TeamViewer, CrossLoop and etc that allows a computer to be controlled remotely via LAN or Internet without much hassle. Although some of the third party remote control software are very powerful, one of the most used software is still the free Remote Desktop Connection that is built-in to Windows since XP. All you need to do is select an option in the Remote tab at System Properties and any Windows computer with a Remote Desktop Client can connect to it, provided that they know the username and password of the user account.Remote Desktop Port Change However, only Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise can accept connections from Remote Desktop while the rest are restricted although there is a RDP Patcher tool that can bypass this restriction.

To enable Windows built-in Remote Desktop in Windows 7, right click on My Computer, select Properties and click on the Remote settings. Select either “Allow connections” option and your computer will start listening for remote access connections on the default port 3389.

It is possible to change the remote desktop default port 3389 to other port number. This is a better security measure because it will stop anyone from the local network or internet directly trying to connect to you using remote desktop although a port scanner will still find a listening server. Remote Desktop Connection also by default connect to Windows using port 3389 and there is no options where you can state what port you want to use.