How can I configure SQL Server to listen on multiple TCP/IP ports

SQL Management Studio Ports

Port / December 31, 2021

We have a client here at SherWeb that had SQL 2000 Express instance installed on their Windows 2003 Standard Edition x86 server. They recently installed SQL 2008 R2 Express Edition on this server and wanted to be able to access this new instance remotely “SQLEXPRESS”.

To accomplish this, we launched the SQL Server Configuration Manager for the SQL Server 2008 R2 Express installation. We navigated to SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols section and edited the properties of the TCP/IP Protocol. On the Protocol tab, we set the Enabled to Yes, Keep Alive remains default 30000, and Listen All to No. We only wanted this to be available on the primary IP address.

Next, on the IP Addresses Tab we made sure that the Primary IP was set to Active Yes, Enabled Yes, we removed the TCP Dynamic Ports 0, and set the custom TCP Port 1435. We also set the IP All to 1435 static as well.

(IP addresses and hostnames are removed to protect client confidentiality)

In order for these changes to take effect, we restarted the SQL 2008 R2 Express instance Service and the SQL Browser Service as prompted.

On our gateway firewall we opened up the SQL Browser port (1434) and the new custom port (1435) to the server from any source. This would allow the client to access the SQL instance by, “IPSQLEXPRESS”. An external port scan was completed and verified that the ports 1434, and 1435 were remotely accessible to the host.

Next, we launched SQL Server Management Studio on an off-domain remote test host and attempted to make a connection, “IPSQLEXPRESS, but it failed:

After a couple of tries were unsuccessful, we moved on to troubleshooting. We installed Microsoft’s Network Monitor utility on the server. Then on our test machine we found its current public IP address (a quick Google search on “what is my ip” or

Then we launched Network Monitor on the server, selected New Capture, then selected Capture Settings. In the text field we entered the public IP address of our test machine: “IPv4.Address == (Public IP)”, so that only traffic from that server would be captured. Then click close.

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