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Faq / January 17, 2018

Remote desktop connectionA remote desktop connection can provide a multitude of benefits for users, including businessman, companies, students and more. At its most basic, a remote desktop connection encompasses screen sharing and remote control software that allows users to access files and data on a remote computer as if they were sitting right in front of it. The remote desktop can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which is particularly useful for those who travel a lot as well as businesses that have several offices in different neighborhoods, cities or even countries. The following paragraphs will outline what remote desktop connections are, how they can be beneficial and how they work.

What is a Remote Desktop Connection?

Most remote desktop connection applications allow users to access and control a computer remotely for remote support. Single or multiple computers can be accessed, even through firewalls. Different applications offer different capabilities, ranging from simple to complex. At the simple end of the spectrum users can share desktop content, and access and transfer files between desktops. At the complex end of the spectrum, users can access and edit files, run programs, print to remote printers, restart and shutdown computers, and help troubleshoot a remote computer, known as remote computer support.

Using a Remote Desktop Connection

Benefits of remote desktop connections can be far reaching, especially for companies and businessmen. If you arrive at a business meeting or conference destination and realize you have left some important files on your home computer, a remote desktop connection will quickly remedy the situation. Along those same lines, those who work both at an office and at home don’t need to take a laptop back and forth or worry about remembering flash drives. While at your office computer, remote access allows you to access everything on your home computer and vice versa. Another use people have found helpful with remote desktop connections is for online and team collaboration. By being able to access and edit files on different computers, you and a colleague at a remote computer can use remote desktop access software to view and edit the same files in real time. Finally, IT companies can use a remote desktop connection to help customers with product problems via remote tech support.

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