How To: Access Your Entire Computer From an iPad

Remote access to home computer

Computer / September 13, 2021

Access Your Learn how to access your HOME Computer remotely while traveling.This website contains affiliate links. This means we might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on some of the links.

Do you want to easily get remote access to your home computer while traveling? We do and have been for years.

We own and operate several e-commerce websites (here is an example of one we own I do most of the web design and Kim does the book work. A common question is, “how do you work from your RV?” The cell phones are great for updates to social media but in order to actually perform “real” work (processing orders and book work) we must get online with a laptop computer. We do not use any sort of device for internet connection while we travel other than the phones or free WiFi.

If you are like me, your home based computer usually has lot more programs that you will need to perform work. We have been using LogMe Pro to access our home computer for over 10 years. It is a program that you install on all of the computers that you would like to have remote access too. We have it installed on our laptop, home, and business computers. With the click of a button on LogMe Pro we can remotely access any computers in our network while traveling anywhere in the world.

We first started using LogMe Pro when we took a trip to Mexico. Kim and I are the only employees for our company. We need to stay on top of processing orders while we are away. If we did not do this, it would be overwhelming when we return. We log into our business computer once a day and process orders. This involves creating shipping labels and printing packing slips. This allows us to get some work done while we are on vacation. When we return from our trip we merely grab the labels and packing slips and start packing orders.