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Remote Access Media Server

Server / April 12, 2019

Also experienced the same issue here, blank page. Created for future implementations for a web server?

Well, to be honest, i hoped to see a web fronted where i can login (with defined users) to remote access my content and view it on: Laptop / Android or iPad. But then again i guess this isn't the purpose why this software exists or... Will it evolve?

Not to bash this development (looks great), for iOS (pity only iOS) solution there is (Server = free, App = paid) absolutely 1 wonderful Server/App combination:

(i have nothing to do with this development, only appreciating it, I don't either look a need for this solution into UMS right now)

Tried PLEX, i don't like the combination of a Home Server / Cloud Solution. All should be running on a Home Server.
Tried Serviio Web/Streaming, it's a paid version though (can try for 15 days), but that's ok. But it's still very very very premature solution.
Tried Subsonic, although it was only focused on Audio, They added a Video streaming solution.
Having XBMC, true mediacenter solution, but there is not remote access to my media solution.
Having Air Video HD, for iOS unbeatable wonderful awesome solution, but iOS only. (server for free, paid per App).