Remote Access Impact

Faq / January 21, 2021

Mobile Computing and BYOD's Impact on Secure Remote Access

Mobile applications, cloud computing and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are reshaping nearly every aspect of your business, from revenue opportunities to how and where your employees work. They’re also forcing you to reinvent your security policies. Otherwise every device, from laptop to smartphone, is a data breach waiting to happen.

In Pulse Secure’s webinar on March 19, Senior Principal Analyst Jon Oltsik of Enterprise Strategy Group will explore the new world of mobile security:

  • User role, device type, network location & factors define your new security needs.
  • Creating - Enforcing - Effective network access policies for secure mobile processes.
  • How top organizations are tackling mobile security.
Jon Oltsik, Sr. Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
Greg Hampton, Vice President, Product Management and Technical Marketing, Pulse Secure