Using Operations Management Suite to detect RDP access attempts

RDP Access

Rdp / September 29, 2017

Gal Moav

To enable access to a virtual machine from the internet you first need to create a supplied service.
A supplied service is actually a meta data object that indicates that the virtual machine is listening on a specific ip:port.

Once a supplied service is defined as external, the system tunnels packets through the fenced network to the virtual machine on the service ip:port.

Note: You can define a single port or a port range.
The below screenshot is an example how to define RDP external service.

  • Enter the service name
  • Select RDP from the Protocols dropdown list.
  • Select the External checkbox.
  • Click Save.

If your application has already been published, click Update to push your changes to the cloud.

possible RDP failure reasons:

1. IP configured in the VM does not match the IP configured in Ravello UI under the Network tab. Therefore any internet connection from the VM itself would not work either.

To align the IPs, use the VM console option in Ravello mgmt, login to the vm, and change the IP accordingly.