Changing the RDP listening port on Windows Server - TechRepublic


Port / March 6, 2020

Parallels Remote Application Server allows clients to connect through the Parallels Secure Client Gateway available in a Parallels Farm using MSTSC (RDP). After a client connects through a Parallels Secure Client Gateway using MSTSC (RDP), the desktop with the highest amount of available resources will be presented to the user.

Loadbalancing is being performed on the Terminal Servers configured in Farm > Terminal Servers. The desktop that can handle the users request best will be presented to the user via MSTSC (RDP).

With this default configuration, a user will already be able to MSTSC (RDP) through the Parallels Secure Client Gateway, however port 80 must be specified subsequent to the hostname or IP.

NOTE : If the port the Gateway listens on is not specified, the RDP service running on the server will handle the incoming request and be presented to the user via MSTSC (RDP).

Connect Via MSTSC (RDP) Without Specifying the Port

To connect using only the hostname or IP address via MSTSC (RDP), the RDP port must be enabled from Farm > Gateways > Network as per the above screenshot.

NOTE : By default, the RDP service listens on port 3389 . Port conflicts will occur on the Server if this port is not altered from the default.