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Plex Remote Server

Server / March 18, 2017

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When I first started PLEX I had no issues with Remote Servers. Here is the lineup I had when I first started. Spectrum 100Mbps internet on a Netgear cable modem and Google Wifi Mesh system.
I changed providers a couple weeks ago to pick ATT Fiber 1Gbps, using their modem PACE 5268AC modem (disabled the PACE Wifi radios) and still using the Google Wifi. Ever since then I have lost the remote server access.
**Initially I was getting the error from the remote server as if I was DBL-NAT. **
Here is what I have done thus far:

  • Uninstalled McAfee software on PC - Nothing changed
  • Disable UPnP on GGL Wifi, then tried to manual port - nothing changed
  • Figured out the PACE 5268AC might be giving me DBL-NAT so I "Allowed DMZ+" mode - this removed the error message from PLEX about DBL-NAT. ****Now I just get the not reachable outside the network message.****
  • Signed out of PLEX, signed back in - nothing changed. Disabled/Enabled the Remote access - Nothing changed.
  • GGL Wifi settings to RESERVE IP on PC, setup PORT FORWARDING on GGL Wifi, then tried to manually specify port - still not connecting the remote server...