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Plex Media Server Web Address

Faq / March 2, 2021

The Settings > Server > Remote Access area in Plex Web App allows you to set things up so that your Plex Media Server is accessible outside your local network.

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Sign In To Your Plex Account

Signing your Plex Media Server in with your Plex Account is important.

  • If you have a Plex Pass subscription, this is necessary in order to unlock features restricted to Plex Pass users.
  • Signing in will send information about your Server that can then be used by other Plex apps to help them connect to your Server.

This is done under the Settings > Server > General area. Signing in is required before you're able to try enabling remote access.

Tip!: We recommend always signing your Plex Media Server in, even if you don't plan to enable Remote Access. Doing so provides helpful information to your Plex apps to allow them to connect better to your Server, even if on the same network.

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Enable Remote Access

Connecting a Plex Media Server with lets you access it when away from home as well as share content with others over the internet. Once connected, you can:

  • View all your own Libraries on your own devices
  • Share Libraries with your friends

If the Server's internet connection is fast enough, you can easily stream content to yourself and others. The Plex apps let you control the quality of the media sent over the internet, so if your connection isn't super-fast you'll still be able to view media at a lower quality.

Tip!: If you don't need to access your content when away from home and won't be sharing your content, then you don't need to enable Remote Access if you don't wish to do so.

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Check your Router

Easily connecting a Server to Plex relies on your router correctly supporting:

These features are common on modern routers but may be disabled by default. If your router doesn't support either of these features, you will likely need to set up a manual Port Forward.


Some people might be in a network setup where more than one device is providing NAT (Network Address Translation). For example, you might have your own WiFi router plugged into a router from your internet service provider, where both are configured to provide NAT. These situations are known as "double-NAT" setups and can make connections more difficult (or impossible in some rare cases).

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Performing the Connection

You'll connect or disconnect your server via the Plex Web App in its settings.

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If you experience problems when enabling remote access, you can try troubleshooting steps.

Important: If you manually forward your port in your router, then you must enable the Manually specify port checkbox. If you don't, your Server will not use the specified port.