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Online Remote Desktop

Desktop / January 25, 2022

Helpdesk support tools have evolved over the years to leverage new technologies that boost support staff productivity and customer satisfaction. With most computers being network-enabled today, the latest tools allow support technicians to connect to online remote desktop systems to support them. Being able to connect remote desktop systems gives technicians the ability to troubleshoot problems hands-on. This results in quicker resolution times and higher productivity. Users are also more satisfied when their technical problems are solved quickly and correctly.

LogMeIn Rescue Enables Hands-On Online Remote Desktop Support

LogMeIn is the leader in remote access technology. Its cloud-based LogMeIn Rescue remote desktop service brings to market the latest in remote support capabilities. Rescue’s cloud platform offers many advantages over on-premise solutions, including cost savings and shortened deployment times. Support organizations need not procure hardware and software to offer remote PC support. Instead they can subscribe to the Rescue service and offer online remote desktop support to their customers immediately.

Rescue offers market leading features to support organizations including remote desktop viewing and control. From a single environment in Rescue’s Technician Console, a technician can chat with a user and start a remote desktop session with the user’s online remote desktop. Once the session is established with user permission for remote desktop viewing and control, a technician can perform hands-on diagnosis and recovery tasks on the user’s computer. Repetitive tasks can be automated using scripts that are executed on the remote computer by the technician. Additionally, with user permission, Rescue enables technicians to work on an online remote desktop when the user is away from her desk.

Using Rescue, technicians engaged in an active remote help session can invite other technicians to collaborate in that session. These collaborating technicians can also remotely view and adjust users’ online remote desktop systems. The collaboration allows the first technician to recruit the expertise of other technicians for problems that he or she cannot solve alone.

Online Remote Desktop Support by LogMeIn Rescue Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Rescue breaks barriers for helpdesk app products with a disaster-proof cloud architecture and leading edge features. In addition to remote desktop viewing and control, Rescue also offers video chatting and whiteboarding which allows a technician to annotate a user’s online remote desktop to facilitate communication. At the support organization end, Rescue provides an integration API to hook into CRM and ticketing applications. Technicians can easily and quickly pull up a user’s support history when chatting with the user thereby reducing ramp up time for the technician. Rescue’s features help greatly to improve technician productivity which in turn boosts customer satisfaction as users’ problems get solved more quickly and effectively.