How To Remote Desktop From a Mac to a Windows Computer

How to Remote into another computer?

Computer / April 22, 2018

Fix your computer from afar using Remote Desktop.You can allow someone to access your computer to perform updates, troubleshoot or even work on a project together. Both Windows and Mac OS offer systems to accomplish this connection securely. Windows includes this functionality in most current versions of Windows, while Mac OS requires the purchase of a separate software package.


Right-click on "Computer, " either from your desktop or from the Start menu, and select "Properties."

Click "Remote Desktop" and click "Select Users."

Select the users to whom you want to give access to your system. If they do not appear, you can click "Add" and manually add them using their network locations and computer names.

Open the Remote Desktop Connection program on the other computer by typing "Remote Desktop Connection" in the Start menu search box. Type in your computer's name or IP address and click "Connect."

Mac OS

Install the Apple Remote Desktop administrative package on the computer that you will use to access other computers remotely. Insert the CD, open the Remote Desktop installer and follow the on-screen prompts.

Enable remote management on the computers for which you want to allow remote access. Open "System Preferences, " click "Sharing" and select "Remote Management."

Open Remote Desktop on the administrative computer and enter your serial code. Remote Desktop's default location will be in the "Applications" folder. After you enter your serial code, you will be taken to the main window.

Select one of the search options from the Remote Desktop main window. These include searching using Bonjour, searching by IP address and searching the local network. Once you find the computer you want to access, you will be able to connect to it.

Upgrade the the client software on the computers that will be accessed. Client software is automatically included on OS X 10 3.4 and up. Once you have chosen the computer by searching for it, select "Manage" and then "Upgrade Client Software" to automatically upgrade through the network.


  • check Remote Desktop for Windows and Mac OS have many built-in security features. Be sure to take advantage of them.