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How to Control another computer Remote?

Computer / February 6, 2019

remote process explorerOne of the first things any knowledgeable user would do if they suspect there is something slowing their computer down or a suspected malicious program might be running in the background, is press Ctrl+Shift+Escape to open the Windows Task Manager. From there you can view what’s running and detect if any programs are using too much CPU time or memory, or look suspect and shouldn’t be there. Although the Windows Task Manager is a valuable tool, there are better alternative Task management tools out there that you can use to replace it with.

?remote process explorer connect as Process Explorer, Process Hacker or System Explorer etc cannot show you what’s running on another computer so ordinarily if there is something that needs checking, you would have to go to that computer physically and view or kill any processes.

Thankfully there are ways to access other computers in your local network remotely, and you can also view and manipulate processes on another computer without leaving your own. Here we show you 5 ways to view and manage another computer’s tasks remotely. 1. Remote Process Explorer

Remote Process Explorer by Lizardsystems is a well known free application to view and manipulate the running processes on a remote computer. It is completely free for home and non commercial use. You do need a free registration code to use the free version though, visit the Registration page and enter your name, e-mail, city and country. Once you get the code in your inbox, enter it via Help > Enter Registration Code.

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