Switching Between RDP Sessions in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

How to Connect Remote Desktop Windows 7?

Connection / October 24, 2017

If you want working with RDP Access than you need to purchase Windows Server product includes the Terminal Server Role. with Windows Server CALs + RDS CALs you can aaccess reotely to your Server.

however, if you mean Remote Access Technologies than on the Microsoft licensing Terms of Windows 7 pro is mentionned the following:

Remote Desksession” means the experience of interacting with the software, directly or indirectly, through any combination of input, output and display peripherals. Other users may access a session from any device using these technologies, if the remote device is separately licensed to run the software.

· Other Access Technologies. You may use Remote Assistance or similar technologies to share an active session.

h. Media Center Extender. You may have five Media Center Extender Sessions (or other software or devices which provide similar functionality for a similar purpose) running at the same time to display the software user interface or content on other displays or devices.

i. Electronic Programming Guide. If the software includes access to an electronic programming guide service that displays customized television listings, a separate service agreement applies to the service. If you do not agree to the terms of the service agreement, you may continue to use the software, but you will not be able to use the electronic programming guide service. The service may contain advertising content and related data, which are received and stored by the software. The service is not available in all areas. Please consult the software information for instructions on accessing the service agreement.

j. Related Media Information. If you request related media information as part of your playback experience, the data provided to you may not be in your local language. Some countries or regions have laws and regulations which may restrict or limit your ability to access certain types of content.

k. Worldwide Use of the Media Center. Media Center is not designed for use in every country. For example, although the Media Center information may refer to certain features such as an electronic programming guide or provide information on how to configure a TV tuner, these features may not work in your area. Please refer to the Media Center information for a list of features that may not work in your area.

Source: social.technet.microsoft.com