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Desktop / March 3, 2018

Many Mockups UI controls, such as Button, Label or DataGrid, have text in them. To edit the text, double-click on the control and start typing. Or, if you have the control selected, simply hit Enter or F2 to start editing. To commit the text you typed, simply click anywhere other than the text field you typed in or hit Enter or CTRL+Enter. If you want to discard the text changes you just made, hit the ESC key.

Some controls use certain characters as separators. For instance, to create multiple tabs in a tabs bar, you separate them with a comma.

Or, a space character separates tags in a Tag Cloud control. Some other controls, like the Tree, use other characters altogether. In such cases the default text for the Control includes explanations on how to use it.

bracket_links-edit.pngWhen editing text in a Label or Paragraph control you will see a small number in the lower-right corner of the editing box. This is the number of characters, which can be useful for copywriting or other purposes.

Text Style

You can use the following notation to format only certain parts of your control’s text.

  • for italic, use _this notation_
  • for a link, use [this notation]
  • for bold, use *this notation*
  • for disabled, use -this notation-
  • for underlined, use &this notation&
  • for strikethrough, use ~this notation~
  • for color, use {color:#FF0000}this notation{color}.
  • for font size, use {size:16}this notation{size}

All of the above syntax works around words separated by white spaces, and underline will work within words.

1. The #FF0000 above is the color in HEX form, just like HTML. The macro will work with or without the pound sign.bracket_links.png You can also use certain color names (green, yellow, etc.) which you can find by moving your mouse over the colors in the color palette in the Property Inspector.
2. See the for how to turn [linked text] into functioning links to websites or other mockups.
3. This formatting syntax also works for text entered into the Notes panel except italic and strikethrough.

Here’s a screenshot of what the above text looks like in a Paragraph control, for instance:

The shortcuts will work almost everywhere where it makes sense, and you can combine them, so to make an italic link use [_this_] or _[this]_.

Some controls like Paragraph or Label allow you to “unbold” the text via the Property Inspector panel. If you do so, the words you *bolded* will stay bold. A few controls use bold text by default, so bolding text within those controls won’t make a difference.