VA Primavera P6: Accessing the Program Department of Veterans

Connect with Remote Desktop

Faq / March 21, 2017

With Remote Desktop, you can connect to your work computer from home and access all of your programs, files and network resources as though you were actually sitting in front of your computer at work.

Instructions for setting up Remote Desktop via VPN:

Windows / PC Instructions:

Mac Instructions:

All faculty, staff and students can access their email via Outlook Web Access (OWA) at or via the link for "Email" at the top of the UNCW home page. OWA has two versions: full and light. The full version, which has more advanced features, is available in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. The light version is available in other browsers (ex: Firefox, Chrome, Safari). There is no need to connect to the campus network via VPN to use OWA.

Whether you are on campus or off campus, using a PC or a Mac, you can access software via TealWare. Much of the software that you are accustomed to using only on campus is available remotely through TealWare.

Connect to UNCW Network and Resources via VPN

Whether in or out of your office, you have numerous tools provided by your office phone which can keep you connected. Features include:

  • Faxing (inbound): Receive faxes in your UNCW email inbox (viewed as an image). No need to find or own a fax machine to receive important documents.
  • Call-In Conferencing: Host your own conference call from on or off campus!
  • : Your voicemail is retrievable via your phone and also from your email inbox where it can be retrieved/ forwarded/ deleted. Most laptops, tablets and cell phones can play your voicemail for you.
  • Find Me / Follow Me: Have calls to your office phone number screened and then forwarded to your cell phone. To set up, contact Yvonne Brown at 910-962-4019.

Faculty/Staff: Sammy is a central file server available to faculty and staff from any computer on the UNCW network and from home if you are connected via VPN.