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Accessing another computer Remote

Computer / February 5, 2021

When it comes to accessing a Android device from a Computer or Vice versa, there are many tools available.

But most of the lack the important ability: the ability to Access an Android Phone from another Android Phone.

But when I filtered, I found two Apps that allow you to Share your Android screen with other Android Phone remotely - Easy to use and FREE

  1. TeamViewer
  2. InkWire

Both are Free to use.

As you have already mentioned Teamviewer for PC, you can also use it to for Android to Android purposes.

But the process is little complex, you have to install 2 different apps on Host device (the device that you want to access) and Client Device (your device).

Host device = the device that you want to access and control

Client Device = your device, which you are controlling Host device from


  1. Install on Your Phone (Client device)
  2. Install on Host device (lets say your Friend’s phone)
  3. A Code/ID is shown on Host device on opening Quick Support app
  4. Now you have to open Remote control app on your phone and enter that Code and click on Remote control button.
  5. Thats all

The PROBLEM here is, Some times it doesn’t work (or) Need you to install extra plugins.

And you have to always install 2 Apps on both devices to access devices from each other.


InkWire is specifically made for Android to Android Remote access.

The beauty of Inkwire is its Simple and Easy to use and Works great. You don’t have to install multiple apps. Just Single app will be enough.


  • Just Install app both Host and Client phones
  • Now open InkWire app on Host device (device that you want to access) and tap on Share. Now you will see a 16-digit code.